• Royal DC open Closed Regional Championships 2020

    The first weekend of the new year ushered in region 1 closed regional  championships with players coming from far and wide to try to test their mettle in this competitive stage.
    With over 120 players, most playing in 3 events, it was pretty tiring for the youngsters, especially for the first time entries who have never seen or participated in a USAB sanctioned event.
    The future of northeast region looks exceptionally bright with several youngsters bagging triple and double crowns. Seth Li U11 (NJBC) and Kai Chong U15 (ACA) both took home triples, while Diya Shetty U11(RBA), Kevin Zhao U13 (IBC), Mikayla Cruz U15 (NEBC), Jason Zhan U17 (NEBC), Sri Kolla (CBA) netting double crowns in various events.
    With their last year in the junior tournaments the battle for U19 singles  gold went on for almost an hour,  Andrew Zhang (NEBC) had match point in the second set but as unable to close it out with a loss of 20-22 and finally Sri Kolla taking the match in the 3rd set 21-16.
    The tournament did hit a few snags, the lack of volunteer officials, disappearing line judges and the usual delays. However, this was a valuable experience for the tournament committee and hopefully will improve the quality of future tournaments. Till next time junior warriors! Enjoy the short video and share to your friends!

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