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Yonex Mid-Atlantic Classic 2020

pc Peter Teuben




Biryani Bowl Kids Team Nov. 2023 in King of Prussia, PA

2020 Club 28 Yonex Mid-Atlantic Classic

2020 Club 28 Yonex Mid-Atlantic Classic


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  • Team Northeast USA Brings Home the GOLD

    Acapulco, Mexico- Expo Mundo Imperial was home to the Pan American badminton athletes for a week. After almost 12 hours of travelling and covid testing, our juniors finally settled and prepared to fight for gold. Competition was fierce upon reaching semis with mostly against players from USA. Most made it to finals except shuttler Mikayla

  • Yonex Northeast Closed Regional Championships

    Northeast regional junior players came out strong to support the closed regionals. Held in fairly new gym, South Jersey Indoor Sports Center was host for 2 days for the competitive players in the region. With just over 115 players and 297 matches overall, it took the whole regions effort to pull it off. The BS


    Tournament season kicked off with the 1st Open Regional Championships held in Pinebrook and Edison NJ. After a long hiatus, juniors made their way to NJ, USA to compete for ranking points and high stakes. This is the first time an open regional has been separated into two venues, requiring massive manpower and coordination. The

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